[tpm] tn1 visa and remote work?

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It depends what you call work in the USA. If it is meetings, then you do not need a special Visa to enter the US. 

However, almost everything else constitutes work and requires a Visa.  I hear that an H1 is easier to get than a TN1.  Either way, a proper Visa is required. 

Most people who travel occasionally and have to do work, say that they're going for meetings anyways instead of getting a Visa.  If the customs officer beleives you, you're in. 

I would suggest talking to an immigration lawyer to be certain of what you can and cannot do. 

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hi all,

i have a question about canadians working telecommute in the states. i 
know about the tn1 visa which is under NAFTA and allows for 
professionals to work in the states. i placed someone a few years ago 
who easily got one. now i have some telecommute leads. work is remote 
but some onsite visits may be involved (a week or two a year). do you 
need a visa for these type of jobs? can you do the onsite with just a 
visitor whatever? i am sure plenty of canadian business people travel 
here without a visa for short trips. any thoughts, ideas are welcome.



ps. yes, i have several remote leads that are ok for canadians. email me 
at uri AT perlhunter.com with your resume in pdf and samples of your 
perl code. both clients only want top people for these remote openings.
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