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Indy Singh indy at indigostar.com
Mon Apr 22 11:32:06 PDT 2013


Are you using Windows or Linux?

If Windows, and if you want to start with a working configuration and compare it with your non-working configuration you can install IndigoAMPP from here:

This installation contains Apache, Perl, PHP and MySQL. It’s a little out of date, but should be fine for your needs.

Also note that on Windows your Perl scripts must start with a line that points to the Perl installation, e.g:
or just:

Indy Singh
IndigoSTAR Software -- www.indigostar.com

From: Chris Jones 
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Subject: [tpm] Help with Apache configuration

I am wondering if someone might be willing to help me straighten out my httpd.conf file to get a website on my local computer working.  I have succeeded in getting the first page, the index.html page up but the subsequent cgi scripts return an error.  Or can you point me to the approproate apache mailing list.  

Thank you!

Christopher Jones, P.Eng.
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