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On 2012-10-20, at 12:02 AM, Liam R E Quin wrote:

> [resending from the right account - I hate the Evolution mailer sometimes. I should switch to Inteligent Design]
> On Fri, 2012-10-19 at 21:43 -0400, Chris Jones wrote:
>> Kitchen Area 1C Spc zn         2750.     1400.     0.249     1.000
>> Kitchen Area 1C Pl zn             0.        0.     0.000     0.000
>> my @zoneLine = split /[\w\s{0,25)$]/+\w{4}/, $inLine;
> This is muddled thinking. Take off your shoes, drink a cup of tea, and
> try again :-)
> Someone else suggested using unpack but I'd probably stick with regular
> expressions if you can take the time to get used to them, because
> they're really really useful an powerful once you have tamed them.

In the long run the experience with regexes may be more useful day to day, but I think unpack is actually quite well suited to this problem.  "perldoc perlpacktut" expands nicely on the example Tom gave.  In this case, at least, unpack is probably less noisy.

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