[tpm] ideas for talks

Olaf Alders olaf at vilerichard.com
Wed Mar 21 10:43:28 PDT 2012

I just wanted to throw out some ideas for talks over the coming months.

First off, my YAPC talk has been accepted: http://act.yapcna.org/2012/talk/139  It's a 20 minute introduction to the MetaCPAN API.  The meeting in May would be a great time for me to test drive the talk.  April works too, if May is booked solid.  ;)

Secondly, if anyone knows their way around tmux, I personally would benefit from some kind of demonstration on that. (No, I did not RTFM)

Thirdly, in general some kind of a tools night would be great.  I'm finding out about really great stuff just by looking over someone's shoulder.  A lot of times they tell me they've been using it for years, but they never thought to share it with me.  So, getting people to talk about how they use vim, solarized, screen, tmux, komodo, etc and demonstrating that on the projector would be something very helpful, I think.

Olaf Alders
olaf at vilerichard.com

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