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Nice advice Mike :) Thank you Alex
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One option is to use an intermediary for unknown employers. I've used them when also hiring unknown contractors for short duration contracts.
I usually use VWorker.com , they do take a small cut, but they make sure the funds for the contract are deposited in escrow, based on milestones. And they have a full arbitration facility. There are other like this out there, elance.com, odesk.com

Just a thought!
But yes there are a lot of unscrupulous people out there always looking to exploit and try and get something for little or nothing.


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Warning to all
I recently had a contract to work with amazon cloud, perl, mysql  and scraping websites for contextually aware adverts.
Avoid :  
why : 
1) payments are not regular on contract and collection is often an issue

Should you need more detail or get called for such a job, contact me, I will give you the full info in private.
As a side comment: We should have a black list of employers with issues, not a union sort of thing but 

shared information on employers  and companies with issues.  The employers do so with people we should too.



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