[tpm] help with developing an open source program for Ontario

Chris Jones cj at enersave.ca
Fri Jun 15 06:17:43 PDT 2012

Thanks to all who offered suggestions and help.

I have a volunteer from the Perl Mongers who also has an interest in 
the building energy/sustainable field.  We are going to brainstorm 
around the problem/solution.

The informal survey of suggestions points to a web based solution.  I 
believe this would reach the intended users much quicker than a 
command line based tool.

If anyone is interested, I can post the paper that details the 
calculation algorithm.  There is also an existing Windows program 
that performs the task.  The input fields would be the same, it is 
just the database of building characteristics that has to change for 
the Ontario Building Code.

The problem might lend itself to a Perl Mongers meeting - present the 
existing Windows program and see what better ideas come up.

At 12:32 PM 14/06/2012, Chris Jones wrote:
>The new Ontario Building code has specified updated requirements for 
>the energy performance of the building envelope.  Previously, the 
>Ontario requirements aligned with ASHRAE 90.1 requirements and 
>ASHRAE published a computer program to calculate the envelope 
>performance based on some fairly simple inputs.  Because the Ontario 
>requirements are now different, the software has the wrong 
>performance metrics.  The calculation equations and all the 
>coefficients are available in a text form.  I could develop and 
>excel spreadsheet but naming all the coefficients would be a long process.
>There are two paths to showing compliance with the Ontario building 
>code - the prescriptive path and the system performance path.  The 
>prescriptive path mandates that all envelope elements meet the 
>minimum requirements.  The system performance method allows 
>trade-offs.  Some building elements may be lower than the minimum 
>but the calculations weigh these elements against elements that are 
>better than minimum.
>I estimate that about 25% of new building will pass using the 
>prescriptive path.  The other 75% will either have to be designed 
>differently to meet the minimum in those few locations where the 
>trade-off method would allow them to pass.
>This may not be a clear scope of work at the moment.  I would like 
>to offer some financial support as obviously I will be making money 
>from my consulting business using such a program.  On the other 
>hand, I will make any program available to all practitioners in Ontario.
>The simplest iteration would take a text input file and the perl 
>program would spit out the analysis for that input file.
>I have a PDF of the calculation methodology if anyone is interested.
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