[tpm] Last night's meeting

Chris Jones cj at enersave.ca
Mon Jan 30 11:07:31 PST 2012

I thoroughly enjoyed the evening.  I am glad we never got to look at 
my Perl code - I am afraid it is very much version 4 style.  Actually 
it might be instructive to have someone review my code to see how it 
might be optimized.

The C program was originally developed to be called for command line 
use - before I learned any Perl.  A good Perl function would likely 
run just as fast.  The program reads in some text coefficient files, 
the parameter files, applies the coefficients to the parameters to 
calculate the output energy use, then prints the results to text 
files.  The intermediate results files would be omitted to the 
application may in fact run faster.

The WEB application is at:

It was my first Perl mongers meeting although I have been a member of 
the egroup since its inception.  I knew nothing about Perl before I 
took a course from Harvey at Willcam in 1999 or 2000.

Thanks again for the great evening!

At 09:41 AM 27/01/2012, arocker at Vex.Net wrote:

>Chris explained his application packaging problem, and in true Perl
>TMTOWTDI tradition, received several different possible solutions, all
>One of the complicating factors in the problem was a C program used to
>crunch some numbers. It would be interesting to see if performing those
>calculations in pure Perl has a significant impact on the application's
>performance. I would be surprised if it did.
>Thanks to everyone who contributed. Aside from minor recalcitrance on the
>part of the AV equipment, I think it went well.
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