[tpm] Bundling a Perl, mysql WEB app for local use

Adnan Kobir adnan.kobir at gmail.com
Sat Jan 7 15:16:44 PST 2012

Here is another option:

Install VirtualBox and install your LAMP on there and take a snapshot or
"gold image".

Then its a matter of packaging that snapshot along with the required
install files for VirtualBox on a DVD and have a script run the entire
installation and configuring process. I've done something similar using a
DOS batch file a while back, but it would be 10x easier writing say a
powershell script to do it or better yet a perl script converted to .exe
( if you're not linux savvy try perl2exe for that ).

That way, once you've done it once its very ease to pump out newer/updated
"snaphots or gold images".


On Sat, Jan 7, 2012 at 2:28 PM, Stuart Watt <stuart at morungos.com> wrote:

> A while back I did actually put together a complete build of a local
> Apache, PHP, and MySQL for Windows, capable of running from a USB drive
> from a Windows script. I intended it for teaching rather than production
> use, so it might be the approach that works, and could also handle Perl --
> I can't remember whether I did go that far, to be honest. It didn't require
> installing anything -- that was the whole point, as this was to run in a
> context where installation permissions were not available.
> Perl and Apache are relatively easy to run that way (Perl is actually
> easier than PHP on Windows), both Apache and MySQL require a small amount
> of command line option persuasion to run as processes rather than as
> services. The weak point is getting any modules in place. Strawberry would
> help a lot, as you have C for the modules that matter, but my experience
> has been it is generally best to just get all the modules you need ready
> and install them either directly or into a local::lib or equivalent.
> Otherwise you are at the mercy of whatever might have changed on CPAN. So
> I'd suggest just building a workable combined scripted distribution which
> will kick off all the processes (no Windows services!) that you need, with
> all the right environment variables set up. This can be done, and will
> always run consistently, but will make preparation more work.
> All the best
> Stuart
> On 2012-01-06, at 2:07 PM, Chris Jones wrote:
> > We have an old web app running using Apache, Perl and Mysql on Windows -
> the development server.  We have a client that can't always get internet
> access in meetings and is hoping we can find a way to "bundle" the app for
> easy install on local computers.  Setting the app up takes a few minutes -
> install Perl, install the modules, install mysql, install Apache, configure
> the local server.  Is there some way to send a DVD to someone so they can
> click and install?
> >
> > Would this be something a consultant would take on to help us with?
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