[tpm] Bundling a Perl, mysql WEB app for local use

Stuart Watt stuart at morungos.com
Sat Jan 7 11:28:27 PST 2012

A while back I did actually put together a complete build of a local Apache, PHP, and MySQL for Windows, capable of running from a USB drive from a Windows script. I intended it for teaching rather than production use, so it might be the approach that works, and could also handle Perl -- I can't remember whether I did go that far, to be honest. It didn't require installing anything -- that was the whole point, as this was to run in a context where installation permissions were not available. 

Perl and Apache are relatively easy to run that way (Perl is actually easier than PHP on Windows), both Apache and MySQL require a small amount of command line option persuasion to run as processes rather than as services. The weak point is getting any modules in place. Strawberry would help a lot, as you have C for the modules that matter, but my experience has been it is generally best to just get all the modules you need ready and install them either directly or into a local::lib or equivalent. Otherwise you are at the mercy of whatever might have changed on CPAN. So I'd suggest just building a workable combined scripted distribution which will kick off all the processes (no Windows services!) that you need, with all the right environment variables set up. This can be done, and will always run consistently, but will make preparation more work. 

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On 2012-01-06, at 2:07 PM, Chris Jones wrote:

> We have an old web app running using Apache, Perl and Mysql on Windows - the development server.  We have a client that can't always get internet access in meetings and is hoping we can find a way to "bundle" the app for easy install on local computers.  Setting the app up takes a few minutes - install Perl, install the modules, install mysql, install Apache, configure the local server.  Is there some way to send a DVD to someone so they can click and install?
> Would this be something a consultant would take on to help us with?
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