[tpm] post-Keenan Dancering

Liam R E Quin liam at holoweb.net
Wed Feb 22 11:54:29 PST 2012

On Wed, 2012-02-22 at 14:50 -0500, James E Keenan wrote:
> [...]

>  It has a dependency on (at least) the libxml2 library. 
>   On my Linux box (though unfortunately not on my Mac), I eventually 
> managed to build and install that from source. 

Almost every Linux distribution includes libxml2, so that should just be
a question of installing the right -dev or -devel package.

By 'cpan' do you mean, perl -MCPAN -e shell
or something else?

The CPAN module installs dependencies automatically, although it's
usually best to install the Perl modules your Linux distribution
provides first, in case there were patches.


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