[tpm] A 'must read' book

Fulko Hew fulko.hew at gmail.com
Mon Mar 14 11:37:41 PDT 2011

Ordinarily, I rarely recommend books, but, I am sending this to all my friends,
colleagues, and enemies.  I think its that important.

I just finished reading a book (recommended by an ex-colleague 'thanks Bob')
I think it is FANTASTIC, and I say it is a 'must read'.

Its called "Rework".

It won't take too long, and if you have to buy it (some links are
provided below)
its not too expensive (~ $12.00)  Personally, I just got an electronic
copy from my local library to read (on my new Android tablet
computer/eReader from Barnes and Noble (ask me about it))

If you read this book and you think it is:
a) sacrilegiously revolutionary... then you desperately need to
re-read it and practice it
b) common sense... then you probably need to practice common sense more.
c) full of stupid ideas... you have my sympathies

If you get the impression that I REALLY REALLY LIKE this book, good!

I went so far as to email the author and personally thank him for
writing the book.
He responded within 10 minutes!



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