[tpm] RFI: Anyone up to speed on using perl for smoketesting front ends?

J Z Tam jztam at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 22 11:59:39 PDT 2011

I'm just doing a proof of concept, on a shoestring, for an automated GUI testing smoketest.  For now, I'm just using Selenium on a web app and munging the keystroke and mouse events into perl using caveman brain translations.
Q1:  Are there other perl-friendly Windows GUI testing frameworks or apps other than these packages:
WWW::Selenium;  Win32::GuiTest;  and   *SendKeys ?  Looked at Watir  for a day but didn't get too far into it.

I'd be interested in reading other solutions, even if they are not perlish.  I know there are tools around that allow you to "record" a manual testing session, I just don't know which ones are lightweight and play nice with the packages mentioned above, and in your future replies.
Eventually will want to write this kind of smoketest for native Windows apps; and to be able to empower others to make their own test cases, after they have the first 20 tests written for them.

Q2:  Is there a way to avoid using the monolithic HP QTP, Mercury Suite, Robo*  tools,   and manage all the testing lifecycles taxonomy and integration, in the early adopter stages?  Really don't want another disorderly collection of unmaintainable, non-modular scripts.
I'm  thinking that perl, unixy and commandline versioning, build & release  tools will suffice.

FWIW:  I'll ask the TDD, Agile, XP offshoot questions in a later post.
Cheers,  and thanks in advance.
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