[tpm] [u-u] Usage Based Billing - What you should know..

Matt Sergeant matt at sergeant.org
Mon Feb 28 07:38:11 PST 2011

daniel at benoy.name wrote:
> The way I see it, the government just needs to let multiple companies 
> run their cables to your house, so that they can compete on the basis 
> of their entire network, from top to bottom, and this problem will 
> evaporate as third party ISPs like teksavvy elect to just run their 
> own phone, fiber, and cable lines rather than deal with Bell and 
> Rogers.  (Or, under the threat of that happening, Bell and Rogers are 
> forced to shape up) 

It's worth noting that in the last place I lived, we had Telus lines 
direct to the condo, and had 100Mbps ethernet direct to 151 Front St 
(well, 100Mbps to the switch, Gig-ether to 151 Front), and no limits. It 
was $50 a month plus tax.

So if they wire it themselves the cost is quite doable.


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