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On Feb 3, 2011, at 11:49 AM, J Z Tam wrote:

> IMO, I can not hear 60% of what is being said at 5 feet away, at Burgundy's even when it is 1/4 full.  However, the food at Burgundy's is consistently well presented.
> Voting for any venue with less background noise level, and a darkSkankyAle ;-)
> I  don't mind walking for 10mins After we are dismissed, since I sit on my ass.embly all day. and also, Volunteer to do recon at  the 3 bars on Cumberland.

I'll check out the Spotted Dick tonight on the way home to see if we can reserve space for a dozen after February's meeting - I have played in a trivia league which uses the chunk at the north of the pub on Monday nights and on those nights it is possible to communicate with people two tables away.

Then we can pick a spot for March based on Jordan's recon.  

Once April and May swing around maybe we can venture further afield, Mark's list whets my appetite and I can see some serious reconnaissance in my future :*)

I'll add a section on the meeting announcement for where we're planning to decamp.

The Spotted Dick's website is http://thespotteddickpub.com/ for those interested in the food / beverage choices.

If people check out other pubs / venues please let us know if they have usable wifi.


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