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IMO, I can not hear 60% of what is being said at 5 feet away, at Burgundy's even when it is 1/4 full.  However, the food at Burgundy's is consistently well presented.

Voting for any venue with less background noise level, and a darkSkankyAle ;-)

I  don't mind walking for 10mins After we are dismissed, since I sit on my ass.embly all day. and also, Volunteer to do recon at  the 3 bars on Cumberland.

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After January's meeting we decamped to Burgundys, and it was unusually full.  What are other people's thoughts on trying other bars within walking distance of the Yonge / Bloor intersection for post-meeting venues?

What do other people consider walking distance?

A couple of places I know and quite like are:

* The Spotted Dick - 81 Bloor St E.  170 m from Yonge and Bloor (2 minutes walk according to google maps)
* The Artful Dodger - 12 Isabella St  350 m from Yonge and Bloor (4 minutes walk according to google maps)

Both these places have tolerable levels of noise in my experience, and both have wi-fi.

Anyone have any other ideas for around Yonge / Bloor?  Anyone have opinions about what's desirable in a post-meeting venue?

Anyone have feelings one way or the other about trying another place after the February and / or March meetings?



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