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Oh wow.  That brings me back.  I used to work for Canada Law Book.  I
remember when we tried to buy Quicklaw and Lexis Nexis blew us out of
the water. :)


While I'm not looking for myself, Canada Law Book (now the Cartwright
Group) has been sold and broken up. I have a friend or two who might fit
the bill, have experience with legal data and may be looking for greener
pastures now that the company is being pulled apart.  Is it okay if I
pass something along to them?





dave.s.doyle at gmail.com

On Fri, Sep 24, 2010 at 1:15 PM, Collier-Brown, David (LNG-CAN)
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 Lexis Nexis, the legal publishing company (whom you may know as
QuickLaw) needs several Linux text processing people, for a 3-month
contract long-term effort running and refactoring their Web and eBook
publishing systems.

 If you're interested, you primarily need text processing experience,
either XML processing, typesetting, or classic parsing with Perl or
lex/yacc.  The environment is Java on Linux, and it would also help if
you also know agile methods.

 Anyone who's interested, send me email and I'll pass it on to

David Collier-Brown,
(905) 479-2665 x306

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