[tpm] Freshwater Perl 2011 (was: Perl Workshop)

Mark Jubenville ioncache at rogers.com
Fri Oct 29 19:22:17 PDT 2010

Github organizations are a fairly new invention of the Github people.
Bascially it's a way to share repos with a bunch of people without having to
make a separate Github account and then add collaborators to that account.
It lets you organize the members into teams, and then you can assign
different teams access to different repos.

'Owners', from the github owners page:
Special rules for the Owners team

Owners have full access to all repositories and have admin rights to the

Owners can change billing info and cancel organization accounts.

Owners do not receive notifications for the organization's repos by default.
To receive notifications, create a team and add the owners and repos for
which notifications are desired.

I figured since there aren't that many of us, and we all know each other we
would all just be owners of the organization.  We can also add people teams
in the organization that aren't owners if we want to give them access to
specific repos.

Once we have a repo setup we can then form a team and assign ourselves to

Actually I've just set up a repo in the organization for planning purposes.

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On Oct 29, 2010, at 8:05 PM, Mark Jubenville wrote:

> Olaf delegated to me the task of setting up the Github organization  
> for
> Freshwater Perl.
> I've made the following people owners so far:
> Olaf Alders
> Dave Doyle
> Phillip Smith
> J. Bobby Lopez

Mark, can you explain what a github 'organization' is?  Is there a  
difference between 'owners' of an organization and 'members'?  Is  
this something more than a mailing list for the conference?

Thank you very much.

Jim Keenan

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