[tpm] RFC: Which Centralized VCS[s] are you using now or in future?

Abram Hindle abram.hindle at softwareprocess.es
Thu Jul 8 07:23:50 PDT 2010

This is based on my experience:

On 10-07-08 10:07 AM, J Z Tam wrote:
> Dear mongeren, 
> PREFACE: This is Not meant to start a dreaded asbestos contest, ... really.
> Just wanted to get a practical, experiential set of feedback from the list, regarding the planning of revisioning paradigms.
> Q1.  What global, centralized VCS are you _now_ using?  Pros, cons, perlAbleness, emacsAbleness (lispFullness ?), eclipseAble?

- very perl
- sorta works in emacs with random emacs addons, doesn't integrate pull
and push well enough imho but I can handle merges with ediff.
- I don't know about eclipse
- You can set it up in a centralized manner
- Local repositories are nice and letting people maintain their own
branches helps too
- Requires group agreement on the process of committing and merging code.
- merges well
- handles commits well
- scales

> Q2.  What was your Previous  VCS, and how did the migration/converion process go?

- perl enough
- works great in emacs
- works fine in eclipse
- very simple
- can modify files with RCS
- easy to edit and modify underlying format
- Not easy to share with others
-- Easy to recover from corruption (just edit it!)
- branching is lightweight (but requires many incantations to do right)
- Messes up some binary files
- No commit tracking, just per file revisions

- perl enough
- works fine in emacs
- works fine in eclipse
- Not very simple, has stupid URLs
- Works over HTTP
- more flexible than CVS in terms of sharing a repo but still annoying
to setup
- Braindead heavyweight branching, it so bad that people worry about
costs of using the feature
- Awful backend formats that are hard to fix and easy to corrupt
- Random NFS glitches depending on your backend format
- Very little benefit over CVS
- Commit tracking

- handles perl but not perl
- not great in eclipse
- ok in emacs (worse than git?)
- very nice UI, very simple text UI lets your cherry pick chunks of code
- not simple
- has a theory of patching
- Can be really slow
- easy to share with other
-- no special setup for sharing over http
- branching is easy
- cherrypicking is easy
- scaling might be an issue

> I have my preferences of course, but do not want to bias the replies in any way.   TIA
> /jordan
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