[tpm] February Meeting

Mike Stok mike at stok.ca
Mon Feb 22 07:01:24 PST 2010

On Feb 22, 2010, at 9:38 AM, Stuart Watt wrote:

> Mike Stok wrote:
>> I have successfully built the new bindings one a VirtualBox ubuntu running as a guest on Snow Leopard, and it ran some code at a respectable frame rate.
> Which Ubuntu? Then I'll install that and have that ready.

I'm using Ubuntu 9.10 on VirtualBox 3.1.4

> Incidentally, SDL did work for me, up to the point of running the "pong" demo successfully. It may have helped that I was consistently using 64-bit architectures. Unfortunately, I still get a crash every time I exit an SDL run, and got my first ever grey screen kernel panic under Snow Leopard shortly afterwards.



> All the best
> Stuart


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