[tpm] UNS: Meeting feedback and suggestions.

Abram Hindle abram.hindle at softwareprocess.es
Mon Feb 1 18:21:44 PST 2010

Mike Stok wrote:
>     * How many people would be interested in hackathons?  Last year
>       Kartik mentioned he might be able to do a game hackathon In
>       February.  

I don't understand what hackathon means in this context. To me a
hackathon is a bit more than 2 hrs and it has people getting together
and hacking on one or more related projects.

Maybe I misunderstood.

If that is the case I propose bootstrapping such a hackathon with a bit
of a tutorial as a meeting. An interactive perl mongers where people
should bring and share laptops and hack at a tutorial game.

There is a possibility of a quasi-hackathon-type of meeting. The
presenter provides source code & maybe content. For instance Kartik's
game hackathon could also be spun as a meeting. If one made a tiny game
framework, like a boardgame/logic game or a pong like game or a breakout
style game or just a jumping scrolling platformer. Then allow room for
modifications. The meeting could be a walk-through of the some
possibilities. How small changes to rules can change the game, etc.

This kind of meeting could bootstrap a hackathon ;)


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