[tpm] Meeting feedback and suggestions.

Mike Stok mike at stok.ca
Mon Feb 1 18:11:19 PST 2010

Thanks to everyone who showed up at January's meeting.

Some ideas about meetings which were mentioned:

Have lightning talks twice a year (that is properly emcee'd and timed - Maybe September and March)
Have two or more presenters cover related areas - for example Moose is a large topic and maybe there are a couple of people with experience of it who could do complementary presentations one meeting. Maybe Moose is big enough for more than one meeting during the next year.
Maybe you have co-workers who could talk about some cool project where they used Perl - even if Perl is only a small fragment of the project that's cool.
How many people would be interested in hackathons?  Last year Kartik mentioned he might be able to do a game hackathon In February.  
Is there any interest in haveing audio / video recordings of the meetings created and archived?  Skype broadcasted live?

What do you think?  



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