[tpm] Makefile and proper use of t/*.t

Madison Kelly linux at alteeve.com
Thu Sep 10 06:08:06 PDT 2009

Hi all,

   This is a follow-up to my last question on testing. I followed Adam 
and Michael's advice and read up on and became comfortable with Test::* 
(Harness, Tutorial, Simple and More, specifically). My test code is much 
cleaner and more concise now, so thank you again.

   The two topic I still need help on are;

First -

   I couldn't find a good overview of the proper use of the t/*.t files. 
For now, I've created a base 'test.pl' in the root of my module that 
makes sure I can do the basics of loading my "parent" (main sibling) 
module. Then it uses 'require_ok(t/Foo.t)' for each of the test files. 
The exact name of each *.t file matches the corresponding *.pm file it 

   However, I've seen references to these files being automatically 
loaded is some regard, but found no specifics. Also, I understood the 
reasoning behind breaking up testing between *.t files was to keep the 
test count under 255. The way I am doing it currently runs them 
concurrently with the test number constantly growing. As simple as my 
tests are, I'm already over 40 tests and I have a *lot* more methods to 
create still.

Second -

   The last thing I need to do before I can even think about getting my 
modules on CPAN is to learn how to create a Makefile.pl. I've looked at 
other modules for examples, but none have any comments I found useful. I 
know that there is a reference to using h2xs to create a framework which 
sets up a module from the beginning, but my modules are already well 
under way. Also, I'd like to understand the theory better so that my 
talk next month will be as complete as possible.

Thanks again!!


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