[tpm] Yet another suggestion for a lightning talk

James E Keenan jkeen at verizon.net
Sun Sep 6 10:48:56 PDT 2009

Since I'm back in NYC, I won't be seen at TPM for an undefined number  
of months.   But here is something someone could do at your September  
Lightning Talks meeting that flows from what I was talking about at  
the August meeting.

1.  Write a specification for tests for one feature of  

ParseXS is essential for Perl extensions but the scope of its formal  
testing is minimal.  We're trying to expand its test coverage, which  
entails writing little sample.xs files to serve as inputs for tests  
in the module's test suite.  But before we write those sample.xs  
files, we should have a list of all such files we will eventually  
need.  That means going through 'perldoc perlxs' paragraph-by- 
paragraph and writing a human-language description of the various  
sample.xs files we'll need to test the features in each paragraph.

At the Lightning Talk, display a paragraph from 'perlxs', then  
display a list of the sample.xs files we'll need to thoroughly test  
the features needed in that paragraph.

Reference:  http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/parsexs/message/30

2.  Extra credit:  Write one of the sample.xs files described in the  
test spec written for (1).  Write a .t file for ExtUtils::ParseXS and  
use the sample .xs file as its input.  Get the XS to compile and the  
test to pass.

Jim Keenan

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