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Peter Szirmak pszirmak at mapador.com
Sat Mar 28 09:44:24 PDT 2009

Hi Adam,

Thanks for your reply. You are right, of course I would and should include
more on any job offer. But actually my email wasn't a 'job offer'. I thought
I was writing to a webmaster who would then direct me to the right contact.
Your website doesn't really suggest that an email written to the webmaster
actually gets to a list of people. Hence my relative short initial email
(many times the webmaster is just the guy who responds to problems on the

Mapador Inc. is a completely legit company, even if it is relatively new (<
1 year). The technology and people behind it are quite seasoned, coming from
my previous company (>20 years). Mapador Inc. is a spin-off, focusing on
technology that involves a lot of parsers, many written in Perl.

And yes, you are right, I ran other ventures in the past - hence what you
find on Google. 

I simply wanted to get to know some people who might be interested in
following us / joining us as we grow. I am looking at several projects, some
may start as early as April / May. But I very much believe that knowledge of
something is just one component to success - professionalism and attitude
are quite important to me as well. Hence I do want to meet people before I
blindly hire. Once we get to that stage, you will see that results matter
more to me than where or when the job got done. I have worked with people
from far away, who preferred to work at nights. Whatever - what they
delivered was A+, on time.

For your reference, I will be opening up an office once these projects are
on the go. It will be along the Yonge corridor (subway and parking are
important), somewhere north of midtown. I am not a big fan of having fake
Bay street addresses for nothing - our clients don't care for such - me

Hence, my email was exactly what I meant: take a look at the website and
anyone is interested to be contacted as the opportunities materialize, send
me an email / resume. 



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Generally, when attempting to solicit workers via this list it's a good
idea to include a little more information about what the job actually
involves, where it's contract or employment, possibly some indication of
compensation, and as alex seems to have taken great issue with, an idea
of where the office is located, or if the work is going to be done via

You are right that the website doesn't include any information about
what the appropriate way to send job solicitations to the list is.  That
should probably be addressed.  We should probably also include a warning
that if your offer isn't up to snuff, you'll be verbally abused by a
stranger, since that seems to be a pretty common response around here.

For the record, a quick google of Peter Szirmak will probably go a long
way towards proving that he's a real person.  He's got an admittedly
bare linkedin profile, but he was written up in Canadian Business in
2005.  That seems pretty legit to me.


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