[tpm] Contact

Adam Prime adam.prime at utoronto.ca
Sat Mar 28 08:18:46 PDT 2009


Generally, when attempting to solicit workers via this list it's a good
idea to include a little more information about what the job actually
involves, where it's contract or employment, possibly some indication of
compensation, and as alex seems to have taken great issue with, an idea
of where the office is located, or if the work is going to be done via

You are right that the website doesn't include any information about
what the appropriate way to send job solicitations to the list is.  That
should probably be addressed.  We should probably also include a warning
that if your offer isn't up to snuff, you'll be verbally abused by a
stranger, since that seems to be a pretty common response around here.

For the record, a quick google of Peter Szirmak will probably go a long
way towards proving that he's a real person.  He's got an admittedly
bare linkedin profile, but he was written up in Canadian Business in
2005.  That seems pretty legit to me.


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