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Abram Hindle abram.hindle at softwareprocess.us
Sun Mar 8 17:19:25 PDT 2009

Antonio Sun wrote:
> On Sun, Mar 8, 2009 at 5:00 PM, Abram Hindle
> <abram.hindle at softwareprocess.us> wrote:
>> My concern these days is for all the focus of webapp frameworks to be so
>> HTML/CSS/JS/ORM centric. Many of them seem to completely ignore the fact
>> that
>> we made UIs for years by using abstractions such as widgets. . .
>> The only place I've seen/been told where the "abstract the web as a UI,
>> provide
>> widgets" approach has taken off has been ASP.NET.
> By widgets do you mean Buttons, Menus, Toolbar, ProgressBar, etc. and
> Panels like:
>     * GridPanel
>     * TabPanel
>     * TreePanel
>     * FormPanel
> etc, and Windows Layout Managers?
> If so, have you checked out the ExtJS that I mentioned?
> http://extjs.com/products/extjs/

That's only half-way there.

http://www.gwt-ext.com/demo/#gridDD look at this example, click view
source. You didn't have to touch ExtJS, you didn't have touch
javascript. Do you see Javascript anywhere? No because it has been
abstracted away.

Look at this animation, no javascript. All abstracted away. Once a
widget is made it is reusable and useful.

What I'm saying is this style of webapp coding isn't popular in Perl or
Ruby yet it makes so much sense (or I don't know about it).
I can't find anything about catalyst supporting anything like this. I've
seen other frameworks where you conditionally compile to whatever GUI
you wanted: SWT or Web. That's true abstraction.


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