[tpm] Perl as a career

Adam Prime adam.prime at utoronto.ca
Sat Mar 7 23:40:16 PST 2009

Antonio Sun wrote:
> Just FYI, The PHP framework that I used not only covers the backend,
> but also all 3 tiers of M.V.C. layers. The AJAX part, which is
> executed at the user end, plug seamlessly with the V and C  layers.

You might want to look at the various View and Controller plugins for 
Catalyst on CPAN.  There are hundreds.

> Personally, I believe that the era of building AJAX not "by-hand" but
> by utilizing frameworks has already arrived. IMHO, ExtJS is taking the
> lead at the moment http://extjs.com/learn/Ext_2_Overview. If you like,
> scroll down to the bottom of
> http://extjs.com/learn/Tutorial:Introduction_to_Ext_2.0, for examples
> of using ExtJS in various languages (including Perl), which shows that
> ExtJS is language-neutral. ExtJS can integrate with the PHP framework
> that I used (apart from its native AJAX support), but I haven't find a
> Perl based web development framework that has such seamlessly AJAX
> integration yet.

There are tons of JS frameworks.  Personally, i use mootools for my 
personal stuff.  At work we use a lot of Prototype, and some ExtJS. 
Many people are big fans of jquery.  Any of them are easily integrated 
with whatever you're using on the backend.  I'm sure that fans of the 
other frameworks would disagree vehemently that any one other than their 
current favorite was 'taking the lead'.


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