[tpm] Perl as a career

Adam Prime adam.prime at utoronto.ca
Sat Mar 7 16:37:38 PST 2009

Antonio Sun wrote:
> 10 years, hmm... maybe it is time to look around and see what is out
> there now. No offense, I just want to point out how easily to do web
> programming in Php (or Java) nowadays. E.g., anyone knows a Perl based
> framework that has seamless integration with AJAX? From DB schema to
> basic data entry/browse web forms with advanced AJAX support, it won't
> take me more than 2 hours to do so in PHP, and I don't consider myself
> a good PHP programmer.

The Catalyst framework has already been pointed out.  There are other 
framework options. like Mojo, or Titanium (basically CGI::App).

The hard part of AJAX is the front end, not the backend.  The backend in 
any language is nearly alwasy DBI (or it's equivilent) and JSON::XS (or 
it's equivalent). The hard part of AJAX is taking the data you get from 
the server, and doing something with it in the client.  Frameworks 
generally don't do that much for you in that regard other than possibly 
give you a bunch of stock html/js/css with examples.


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