[tpm] Anomalous globular behaviour?

Mark Fowle mfowle at navicominc.com
Fri Apr 24 10:28:24 PDT 2009

When looking at a flag file I use if (-e $file){...}

Actually the behavior seems reasonable to me.

"The glob angle-bracket operator <>  is a pathname generator that
implements the rules for file name pattern matching used by Unix-like
shells such as the Bourne shell or C shell."

It's goal is to create a list of pathnames, not to tell you if they
exist, although that is a side effect of expanding wildcard characters.
So if you ask what pathnames does fname expand to you get fname

Also from the docs:


If the pattern does not match any pathname, then bsd_glob() returns a
list consisting of only the pattern.

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> I would just be pragmatic and add a '-f' test on the file name.

That's probably a sensible thing to do in a general case, but the code
that started this particular hare was simply a test script using a flag
file to indicate whether a loop should abort or continue. That's why I
looking for a string rather than a more complicated expression.

> The source code for this is in the File::Glob module in the file
> bsd_glob.c in the function bsd_glob if you care to look at it.  It
> is not that easy to understand.

Even with that warning I may well take a look. Thanks for the

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