[tpm] Anomalous globular behaviour?

Indy Singh indy at indigostar.com
Fri Apr 24 09:28:24 PDT 2009

I would just be pragmatic and add a '-f' test on the file name.  You probabaly need a check anyway because even the values returned 
by glob are not always going to be files, they can be directories.

The source code for this is in the File::Glob module in the file bsd_glob.c in the function bsd_glob if you care to look at it.  It 
is not that easy to understand.

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> I've just run across what seems to be an anomalous behaviour of glob.
> If glob is looking for a wildcarded string, e.g. glob "findit*", if findit
> is present, the value returned will be "findit". If it is not present,
> null is returned.
> Without the wildcard, i.e. glob "findit" the string "findit" will be
> returned, whether or not there is a file by that name.
> To summarise:
> Literal Matching file?  glob returns   shell behaviour (e.g. ls -l)
> f3           Yes                f3     f3 directory information
> f3*          Yes                f3     f3 directory information
> f4           No                 f4     cannot access f4
> f4*          No                null    cannot access f4*
> This seems wrong to me, and the Camel doesn't refer to the behaviour. Has
> anybody an explanation?
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