[tpm] September lightning Talks (call for participation)

Fulko Hew fulko.hew at gmail.com
Mon Sep 8 09:29:00 PDT 2008

Better late than never...

Its that time of year again, when lightning does strike twice in the same

September is 'lightning talk' month at TPM, and so we need some
people to give them.

Put on you tin foil hats and dream up a quick 5-10 minute talk (or rant)
about something Perl that either 'warms you cockles', or 'turns your crank'.

It doesn't have to be big... well researched, (or even intelligent, but it

Send your proposals to me (off list) and I'll coordinate it all,
because... I will moderate Septembers meeting.

Thanks for listening... and thanks (in advance) for all
the WONDERFUL presentations you all will be inundating me with over
the next week or so,

BTW.  The meeting is scheduled for Sept 25.

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