[tpm] Return to the past. Re: [u-u] Alarming Development

Hugh Gamble hugh at phaedrav.com
Mon Oct 13 11:26:48 PDT 2008

Sorry to correct you,
but the Return key  is one row above the home row,
immediately to the right of the Line Feed key.
The right end of the home row is for: Rub Out, Rept, Break.


It's easy enough to move the key caps around,
as long as they're all symmetrical cylinders.

Can anybody help me wire a Windows key
in my KSR33?

Seriously there's been no "Return" key
since terminals stopped having carriages.
The "Enter" key is frequently L shaped
so you can hit it either way.
For a lap top, they squish the L,
and you can have it vertical or horizontal (as opposed to both).

Some of us prefer an EMACS friendly keyboard layout,
but if you're using a PC you should expect a PC keyboard layout.


with the Ctrl key in the bottom row along with Alt, Fn, the Menu key and 
Windows key.

The keyboard I'm typing on also has an Internet key, Email key, Webcam key,
Messenger/SMS key, Media key, Volume keys,Search key,
and of course a Shopping key.

The wheely thing on the left scrolls my windows,
I don't know what the Go key under it does.
Then there's the User keys,... too many to count.

I think I'll be more efficient typing from my Symbian smartphone keyboard
over the Bluetooth interface, using just my thumbs.
Think of what you can do with your other 8 free fingers!

arocker at vex.net wrote:
> As I was browsing the laptop section of a local Large Electronic Retailer,
> (see, I do have a life), I noticed an Asus netbook, so I moved in for a
> closer look.
> The keyboard made me reel in horror; the Return key was at right angles to
> its usual position, and the pipe/backslash (|\) key had migrated down and
> to the left, to the end of the home row. To make matters worse, a quick
> check of the normal-sized machines around it revealed that many of them
> displayed the same mutation. Has the miscreant who transposed the Control
> key away from the left end of the home row escaped and focused his
> malevolence on the other end?
> Something Must Be Done To Stop This!
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