[tpm] [u-u] Alarming Development

David Collier-Brown davec-b at rogers.com
Mon Oct 13 10:40:09 PDT 2008

   Asus thinks no-one is a touch typist: I just watched
myself hit the return key and my reflex arc says
<move right hand left 2, tip right and press down>
which would arguably have me separating my lines with


arocker at vex.net wrote:
> As I was browsing the laptop section of a local Large Electronic Retailer,
> (see, I do have a life), I noticed an Asus netbook, so I moved in for a
> closer look.
> The keyboard made me reel in horror; the Return key was at right angles to
> its usual position, and the pipe/backslash (|\) key had migrated down and
> to the left, to the end of the home row. To make matters worse, a quick
> check of the normal-sized machines around it revealed that many of them
> displayed the same mutation. Has the miscreant who transposed the Control
> key away from the left end of the home row escaped and focused his
> malevolence on the other end?
> Something Must Be Done To Stop This!
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