[tpm] some volunteer help this weekend for TPF? re: Google maps creation

Richard Dice rdice at pobox.com
Sat Mar 29 08:23:27 PDT 2008

Hi everyone,

I'm doing a big sponsorship meeting for TPF this coming week and so I'm
spending the weekend in prep for it.  I could really use some help in the
creation of material to go into it.

I have an idea for some slides I'd like to include.  Basically, some Google
Maps, showing:

Map 1) - zoomed and centred to show North America, map view (not satellite)

   - YAPC::NA locations 1999 - 2008 (since Pittsburgh and Chicago have
   multiple conferences, please slightly offset these pins from each other)
   - TPC locations 1997 - 2008 (= the same as OSCON locations in more
   recent years, use a different colour for these push-pins)
   - YAPC::Canada 2003 location (= Ottawa, new pin colour)
   - Hackathon locations (Chicago, Toronto - new pin colour)

Map 2) - zoomed and centred to Europe
(taking the general style of map 1)

   - YAPC::EU locations over the years
   - * Perl Workshop locations (e.g. London, French, Italian, German,
   Nordic - there could be others)
   - OSCON::EU, FOSDEM locations

Map 3) - whole world
(taking the general style of Map 1)

   - YAPC::Asia over the years
   - YAPC::Other, * Perl Workshops other (e.g. YAPC::Taiwan, Beijing Perl
   Workshop, YAPC::AU, YAPC::Israel)
   - OSDC locations over the years (e.g. OSDC::Israel, OSDC::AU)
   - some South American conference as well?  I think there are some but
   it doesn't come to my mind right now exactly what
   - This map should show the Map 1 and Map 2 pushpins as well.

If anyone out there is able to help out on such short notice please give a
shout-out here!

Thanks very much,
 - Richard
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