[tpm] Careeer Opportunity

Madison Kelly linux at alteeve.com
Fri Jul 18 10:11:23 PDT 2008

Jack Ponte wrote:
> Ok thx Madison. I appreciate the suggestion and will do so next
> time.....(might have to take a break from the Perl group though, it seems
> that I may have irritated a few of you with my ignorance.)
> Have a nice weekend....keep well!

Jack, you seemed to have missed a point.

If you really want to fill positions, there is no need to wait. Unless 
of course you have no positions to fill at this time...

Assuming you really do; look for the projects the people on the list 
have worked on. Find their CVs and then email them, making a connection 
between their CV's/projects and the skill set required for the job(s) 
you are currently trying to fill.

I am certain that, if you did that this very day, you would find more 
generous responses.

We are all hard workers on this mailing list and we're not the dullest 
bunch. Give us some credit for being able to tell a real job pitch from 
a general attempt to harvest contacts and show that *you* also are 
willing to do some hard work by looking up our backgrounds and talents.

Out of all the people you emailed today directly, how many can you 
connect to a specific project or online CV?


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