[tpm] Weather Forecasting 232

Fulko Hew fulko.hew at gmail.com
Tue Sep 11 09:20:10 PDT 2007

Welcome to the the new school year, and thanks to
all who have registered for our new course:

   Weather Forecasting 232

This course will focus on lightning and its side-effects on Perl.

Although it has no prerequisites (except for attendance)
this course is listed as '232' not because its related to
a serial communication standard, but because to-date we have:
  2 confirmed speakers, presenting
    3 scheduled talks, and
      2 'maybe' presenters and their talks (currently unconfirmed)

So far we expect it to be a short lecture unless we
get more (confirmed) presenters.  (Please note that any
professor contributing to this evenings class will
achieve nirvana.... you get tenure!)

So please put on your thinking caps and volunteer some
more talks by sending your submissions to me.
(Speaker registration closes on September 26.)
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