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I'm just confused.

Are you saying the TVPM Tech meet is cancelled, if we decide to go to the Maidenhead event? =P.

I'm down for anything Reading and Oxford. Unsure about Maidenhead. Would have to look into it and then decide.

I also did a Youtube video on something I coded in Perl back in August:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GFrpfAUMXyg (see the "MIME:Parser" (sic) thread on this group)
I could possibly adapt it to a talk.

Why don't you lot do the Maidenhead event in Feb, and then we'll have our own Technical-meets-social meetup in March?


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  We’ve got at least two options for tech talks in February:

  Will Hawes has invited us to go along to the tech[maidenhead] meetup on February 7th:


  This is a general tech meetup, and they already have some talks scheduled. Will reckons we could fit in 3 Perl talks. Given the meetup, they would need to aim to be of general interest, rather than hardcore Perl :-)

  The second option would be to have a Perl/TVPM only gathering for lightning talks, followed by a beer or two in a local hostelry. This would mean we could have more than 3 talks, and they could be on anything related to Perl (or not!). But if only 3 people can be strong-armed into talking, then we might as well join in with the Maidenhead meet-up.

  So far we have 3 potential speakers:


  If one more person wants to talk, but people would still like to go along to the Maidenhead meetup, I’m happy to not talk.

  What’s everyone’s preference?



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