[Thamesvalley-pm] Social nights plan for 2016

Neil Bowers neil.bowers at cogendo.com
Fri Jan 29 04:31:42 PST 2016

A good session was had last night, even if at one point it seemed that TVPM should be renamed Paranoia.pm!

We agreed that we’ll start off with the goal of having a social get together every month, and see how that works out for us all. I’ll send out a dudle/doodle[*] each month, and we’ll try and pick a pub that’s central for whoever’s going that month. It won’t be Marlow every month, honest! (let Roger know your postcode or lat/long, so he can factor you location in)

On technical talks we said we’ll wait and see if any topics come up, either that (a) someone wants to talk about, or (b) some of us want someone to talk about.


[*] or Roger’s open-source alternative, if he gets around to it :-)

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