[Thamesvalley-pm] The 3D printer I'm selling

Roger Bell_West roger at firedrake.org
Thu Jan 28 15:33:52 PST 2016

...is a RepRapPro Fisher Beta, which they made available in advance of
the official Fisher to help debug the design.

This is a delta 3D printer with a 0.4mm nozzle using 1.75mm PLA
filament. (It'll do PETG as well, but ABS would be pushing it.) Spec
is at https://reprappro.com/shop/reprap-kits/fisher-delta-full-kit/ .


It'll fit in a 10" × 10" square of desk space (plus a bit for the
filament holder on the side).

There's most of a spool of white PLA, which I've been using. I'll also
throw in a sealed spool of silver 1.75mm PLA.

As bought, it was about £270 all in. But that was as a kit, which took
me a couple of days to assemble; I'm offering the end result.

I have a couple of spare bits (Bowden tube AFAIR) which I'll throw in.


RepRapPro is no longer trading, so getting replacement parts may be
moderately hard work. Most of them are pretty standard, though, and
all the custom ones are open source designs (i.e. find someone else
with a 3D printer).

It needs a fair bit of maintenance (mostly in the filament feed) to
keep it running, though once it's started a print it tends to finish
it successfully.

Offers welcome.


NORTHOLT RAF (13mi ESE): 10C, 71%h, 15kt WSW
LONDON/HEATHROW (14mi SE): 9C, 81%h, 17kt SW
BENSON RAF (16mi W): 9C, 81%h, 12kt SSW
LUTON AIRPORT (23mi NE): 8C, 93%h, 19kt SW

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