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Dr Adam Trickett adam.trickett at iredale.net
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Apologies in advance for the cross post.

The London Perl Mongers group are planning a technical meeting at the end of 
July, in preparation for the annual YAPC::EU meeting, it should be a good 
opportunity to hear some Perl talks if you can't get to Copenhagen this 

From David Cantrell:

The date/time: Thu 31 Jul, 1830-ish

The venue: BUPA House, Bloomsbury Way (entrance is on Bury Place)
           WC1A 2BA

The pub afterwards (optional).

The theme will be "I'm giving a talk at YAPC::Europe and I need to
practice on an audience other than my Teddy bear".

We can accommodate at least 45 people, but if there's enough interest I
can see about getting a bigger room.

Potential speakers, please email me <d.cantrell at outcometechnologies.com>
with "SPEAKER" in the subject line, the title of your talk, and a one
sentence summary.  Please try to limit your talks to *twenty minutes*,
to allow time for questions.  Preference will be given to talks to be
delivered at YAPC::Europe, but if there's enough room in the schedule
other people might be able to talk too.

Everyone else, please email me with "TECHMEET" in the subject line so I
can add you to the list.  People will need to sign in at reception, but
don't worry, there's no NDA :-)

Adam Trickett
Overton, HANTS, UK

"Norton Wipe Info uses hexadecimal values to wipe files.  This
 provides more security than wiping with decimal values."
    -- from the manual of Norton Systemworks 2002, pg 160
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