[Thamesvalley-pm] Venue Issues

Adam Trickett adam.trickett at iredale.net
Mon Sep 10 02:27:50 PDT 2007

On Tuesday 04 September 2007 11:19, Ismail, Rafiq (IT) wrote:
> Gentle perlies,
> Bad news.
> Our venue, MWB, is bailing on us.  Well, actually, they are trying to
> charge us 'money.'  :)
> Anyway, we'll have to be more like the other groups and seek out Perl
> friendly venues.
> Anyone got alternatives?  Contacts at the university of Reading?  On
> good terms with your own employers?

I think we can easily gate crash the local LUG meetings, especially if we 
spread our selves about, and offer talks!

The Silicon Corridor (Berkshire) have monthly meetings in a pub in Reading on 
a Wednesday which may be a good spot for the occasional social meeting.

Hampshire LUG have a good venue at the University of Southampton every other 
month on a Saturday, they have two rooms, one for talks and one for a 
meeting. They are currently holding a joint meeting with the Surrey LUG at 
University of Surrey at Guildford on the alternate Saturday.

Surrey LUG have both pub and bring-a-box meetings once per month, one of the 
BaB meetings being shared with Hants-LUG. As with Hants the University is a 
good meeting venue.

There are two LUGs in the Oxford area, don't know much about them.

If we were able to aim to have one meeting per-month we could gate-crash the 
LUGs if we spread ourselves around over the three active groups - anyone in 
Oxford know if they are active?

Next we need to get a contact at Oracle, Uni of Reading or someone other 
central location who can hold meetings for us. The Reading Remix is an open 
source project with space that is one possibility - their site is down at the 

Adam Trickett
Overton, HANTS, UK

Blessed are the pessimists, for they test their backups.
    -- anon
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