[Thamesvalley-pm] calling all Perl newbies!

Jacqui caren jacqui.caren at ntlworld.com
Thu Aug 23 02:14:11 PDT 2007

Greg Matthews wrote:
>>You have my sympathy there. I had to play "guess what the original
>>message headers were" often at $OLD_JOB.

I am in the process of designing/writing a sax-like engine for
email, The objective is to search for a pattern/s in message
headers/content by serially expanding the MIME tree without
holding the whole message in memory or files.

I expect your reqs are simialr to mine :-)


p.s. We wen for adiffernet solution - we provided a
Webmail -like front end to the quarantine files.

Staff can look through thier email and allow it through
to thier mbox - resending a message is noddy via Net::SMTP


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