[Thamesvalley-pm] calling all Perl newbies & an actual [question] on XML::Generator

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I think that this is a great idea and would second the notion of a
mentoring scheme.  Adam is also spot on and it would be great to see
this list become a useful resource for those subscribed.  

So, on that note.. I have a rather dumb question which someone might
have a quick answer to.  I've noticed with XML::Generator version 0.99
that while it appears to have a method for generating XML header
declarations ( via xmldecl ), this method doesn't actually seem to do
'anything'.  I don't have the option of a later version and wondered
whether anyone has tried to use this module for writing XML and found it
to be just as flawed in pushing out a simple <?xml ..?> ?  This occurs
when invoking $xmlGen->xmldecl( VERSION=>'1.0' ).  Any ideas?
Apologies for the top post.. outlook.


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Hi Adam/All, 

It'd be great to have a noob session or two. Or a segment at meetings
for noobs.
What I have always found difficult is developing a good approach, which
is partly down to lack of experience.

A mentor system in the PM might be cool?
A way of getting hooked up with someone like yourself, who can help
guide us newbies in the right direction. Both in terms of Perl itself
but also in terms of the wider aspects of development and the community.
Like how not to ask dumb questions on Perlmonks and get -XP'd to within
an inch of taking up .net   :) 

Just food for thought,


Lance Wicks
lw at judocoach.com

On 20 Aug 2007, at 21:23, Adam Trickett wrote:

	Calling all Perl newbies!
	What do you want from the PM?
	How can we help you?
	I like Perl - in fact I love it and I want to share. Once upon a
time, I wrote 
	really bad Perl, but with practice I got better. When I look at
my first 
	attempts at Perl I'm a bit embarrassed, but I didn't have the
help of a PM or 
	anyone who knew Perl. I don't claim to be a brilliant teacher or
Perl wizard 
	but I'm willing to share what I have.
	I know this list has been a bit "meeting" oriented, so I'm
throwing down the 
	gauntlet, "What do you want to know?" No question is too small
or too trivial 
	and I promise not to tell you to RTFM - though I reserve the
right to tell 
	you on which page look ;-)
	Adam Trickett
	Overton, HANTS, UK

	A feature is a bug with seniority.
	-- anon
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