[Thamesvalley-pm] Next Meeting

Ismail, Rafiq (IT) Rafiq.Ismail at MorganStanley.com
Wed Aug 8 06:26:03 PDT 2007

Apologies for my silence.  Holidays, resting and a new job have kind of
distracted me, however I hoped that we might be able to come to some
agreement as to when we can have our next meet.  I'm hoping that we can
still keep things vibrant.
My preference has changed somewhat.  Since I'm now working in London,
should we decide on a weekday ( pref. 17th August ), I would be keener
on a late start (>= 19:00/20:00).  A weekend meet is unconventional but
does carry my preference, although I'll have to get Will to confirm that
our venue can still accommodate us on a Saturday.  

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