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Tue Feb 23 12:57:46 PST 2016

  *   required skill-set - see 'Functional and Technical Skills', below
  *   contract or permanent position -- permanent
  *   for contracts, expected duration and pay range - N/A
  *   for permanent positions, availability of stock options or other incentive plans - Annual stock options; ESPP with 15% discount; 401(k) matching; Annual bonus (usually)
  *   placement through recruiter, or directly with company? - directly with company
  *   W-2 vs. 1099 status - W2
  *   any restrictions on 1099 status: Corporation, etc.? - N/A
  *   physical location - Factoria (Bellevue)
  *   telecommuting possible? - some possible, as negotiated with senior manager
  *   company's product or service -- Telecommunications

We are a close-knit, established team of developers providing tools and
applications to internal customers for data analysis and network element
provisioning.  Seeking a self-motivated person who can take initiative and
learn quickly, operating in a dynamic environment with a considerable
degree of autonomy.  We would consider someone recently out of college or
grad school if they could demonstrate aptitude and a willingness to work
hard and be teachable.

This position offers a little more than average in terms of
job-satisfaction and purpose, since our work directly impacts the
reliability and effectiveness of mobile 911 calls and Wireless Emergency
Alerts on a major wireless carrier.

T-Mobile is unusually generous with vacation time, offering 19 days
(almost 4 weeks) personal time off, accrual starting immediately, and up
to 29 days (almost 6 weeks) vacation if you stay long enough.  This on top
of 8 paid holidays each year.  The environment is very family-friendly -
telecommunications people tend to be passionate while at work, but greatly
value their work-life balance.

Please contact me (Tim Edgren) at tim.edgren at t-mobile.com for further
information on how to apply.

Engineer/Sr. Engineer, System Design & Strategy

Job Description Summary

Develop automated solutions that provision E911, Alerting, LBS and Small
Cell systems. Develop tools to help support and operations groups do their
jobs more efficiently. Along with developing software, work with various
other groups to increase data reliability and integrity and to help
implement our software solutions.

Position Duties and Responsibilities:

Design, develop, implement, and document software solutions to
automatically provision Emergency (E911 and WEA), Location Services (LBS)
and Small Cell (Femto) systems.  Design, develop, implement, and document
tools to help Engineers and Tier2 troubleshoot E911 and location failures.
Develop/maintain software that provisions E911/LBS data (such as Cell
data) to multiple systems within and external to Systems Engineering and
Strategy.  Provide troubleshooting support to various Tier2, E911 group,
and regional operation groups.  Communicate with vendors and various
groups within the company the needs of the E911/LBS Infrastructure group.

Functional and Technical Skills:

 - Software development with HTML
 - Experience with one or more of Oracle SQL, XML, Java, SOAP, CSS and Perl
 - Experience with Geospatial software, applications and/or application
   development is a big plus
 - UNIX/LINUX basic administration/operational knowledge a plus
 - General understanding of Wireless Telecommunication Architectures a plus
 - Use of Software revision control a plus
 - Experience with DHTML technologies (JavaScript, CSS and/or HTML 5) a big

Experience and Education:

 - Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or a related discipline.

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