SPUG: JOB: Senior Software Engineer @ Shiftboard (Seattle)

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Mon Dec 16 14:47:17 PST 2013

Shiftboard is hiring!

Our small team is about to become a little bigger. Plus one for sure. Plus
two if you bring a friend as awesome and as qualified as you.

Shiftboard is the leader in workforce management software. When an
organization needs to schedule and coordinate 10,000 volunteers, it does
not use Post-Its and pencils, it uses Shiftboard. Our SaaS solution
provides scheduling efficiency to hundreds of companies for over half a
million workers covering over three million shifts per year.

Our office is the 30th floor of the iconic Smith Tower in downtown Seattle
offering a 360-degree view of the city, the Puget Sound, Mt Rainier, and
the east sideline of Century Link Field. You can open the window on a warm
day and enjoy the breeze 30 stories above the city. You get to talk to an
actual elevator operator while watching each floor go fly by. We're kitty
corner from Tat's. We have some of the best seats available for 2014-07-31
and 2014-08-01--the practice days for the Blue Angels next year.

In addition to having an awesome product and an amazing location, we have
a great team and you will help make it even better. Our founder and CEO
was the lead developer for many years and understands technology and the
work involved to make magic happen. Our company is still very small
enabling you to make a big impact. We are debt-free and profitable so
we're going to be here for a while. Our turn-over is nearly nonexistent
which is why you rarely hear about us hiring. We are not growing for the
sake of growing, we are growing because we have more work than we can
handle; most of which will help increase revenue. Our existing engineers
are top-notch and we're only interested in hiring the cream of the crop.
We believe that talent breeds talent and we need some top-shelf talent.
There is a lot that you can learn from us. If we do not feel that is
reciprocal, you will not be offered a job.

We are an open source shop. We use mostly Perl and MySQL on Ubuntu. We
also have some Bash, Python/Django, Lisp, Freeswitch, Memcached, Android,
iOS, and FreeBSD. We love Git. More technologies are likely to come in the
near future once we hire additional engineers and can start those

We are not a Java shop. We are not a Microsoft shop. Most of us use very
nice MacBooks. If you like Windows we have an opening on our support team.

If you are a brilliant developer and you like working with other brilliant
developers and you're prepared to absolutely love your job, contact us.

our $email = q(fohjoffsjoh at tijgucpbse.dpn); $email =~ y/b-z/a-y/; say $email;

Fine print: On-site, full-time, salaried position with standard benefits
and competitive salary.

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