SPUG: OSCON and Career Opportunity

Julien Beasley jbeasley at cardomain.com
Thu Jul 21 15:34:07 PDT 2005


Greetings SPUG users!


I work at CarDomain.com, an automotive online community/e-tailer located
next to south Lake Union. We are hiring smart and motivated Perl
developers (w/ good understanding/experience in OOP) interested in
joining a rapidly growing company. If anyone here is interested in
opportunities with us (www.cardomain.com/jobs
<http://www.cardomain.com/jobs> ), then please send your resume to
jobs at cardomain.com. Also, our whole dev team is going down to the OSCON
conference in another couple of weeks, so please stop by our booth if
you happen to be there (or if you know someone else who might be
interested, we offer a $1000 referral reward).



Julien Beasley


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