SPUG: Meet at amazon.com Pac-Med office?

Scott Blachowicz scott+spug at mail.dsab.rresearch.com
Wed Sep 22 12:15:37 CDT 2004

Bill Campbell <bill at celestial.com> wrote:

> >So, what do folks think about this?
> I like the idea (but then I would as it's probably 30 minutes
> closer to me than the current meeting place :-).

Me too, but I work there, too :).

> Parking shouldn't be a problem there in the evening.  There's a fair amount
> of space in the circle in front of the building, and another lot on the
> back side that I think is available for things like this.

Yeah - there's an attendant booth there, but it's only manned during the
day. In the evening it's open access to the lot near the building. There's
a bigger lower lot, but I believe it's gated with a key card needed for
access all the time. You might have to enter at the front for security
reasons anyways. There's also on-street parking next to the building area
that ought to be open in the evenings as well.

> Access from downtown, I-5, and I-90 is quite good.  It's probably five
> minutes from the International District (House of Hong is one of my
> favorites on Jackson practically under I-5).

Within a 15-20 minute walk of the building is most of the Intl District.
Also, Metro routes 36 & 60 (IIRC) stop right next to the building.


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