SPUG: Meet at amazon.com Pac-Med office?

Bill Campbell bill at celestial.com
Wed Sep 22 11:53:53 CDT 2004

On Wed, Sep 22, 2004, Andrew Sweger wrote:
>C.J. Collier, a longtime SPUG member and recent new hire at amazon.com,
>has done all the footwork to provide SPUG the opportunity to hold our
>monthly meetings in the A/V room at the amazon.com Pac-Med office (near
>the I-5 & I-90 interchange). The arrangement would be similar to the years
>we met at Safeco tower in the U-district (visitor sign-in, escort to
>meeting room). C.J. is offering to sponsor our group in meeting there and
>will be our representative (ambassador?) to the company (like Dora Choi
>was for Safeco).
>So, what do folks think about this?

I like the idea (but then I would as it's probably 30 minutes
closer to me than the current meeting place :-).

>Some information I already know folks will need include: access from
>freeway, parking availability nearby, size of room, projector, Internet
>access, nearby food/drink establishments for pre- and post-meeting
>activity. C.J. will try to provide some of that when he has a chance. I'll
>work on gathering some of this information next week when I'm back in
>town. What else do folks need to know (as if the location wasn't enough)?

Parking shouldn't be a problem there in the evening.  There's a fair amount
of space in the circle in front of the building, and another lot on the
back side that I think is available for things like this.

Access from downtown, I-5, and I-90 is quite good.  It's probably five
minutes from the International District (House of Hong is one of my
favorites on Jackson practically under I-5).

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