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Andrew, you had me at dipthong.

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I used to think that I am a reasonably intelligent person. But this
discussion and big words have left my head spinning. I don't know much
about old languages, so I've got questions of which, perhaps, the more
learned could enlighten me.

On Mon, 5 May 2003, Fred Morris wrote:

> Waaaay too much quoting in this; my apologaeia thus accomplished...

I couldn't find the word "apologaeia" in any of several on-line
references. I'm assuming I can drop the diphthong "ae" and use the word
"apologia". Substituting the definition that I found, I get: "my formal
written defense of something I believe in strongly thus accomplished..."
Am I reading this correctly?

> Just in case anybody missed part of this: yes on both counts. In fact,
> SUPER::foo() doesn't work although $class->SUPER::foo() as well as
> $obj->SUPER::foo() work.. FSQOW. However good to see I'm not the only
> wetbrain who made that leap of faith, and specifically: with
> the @ISA chain doesn't work, SUPER::new() is a hopeful ephemeron.

Ephemeron: One of the ephemeral flies, on of a group of neuropterous
insects belonging to the genus Ephemera and many allied genera, which
in the adult or winged state only for a short time.

Is this a new use of ephemeral, like a quanta of ephemeral?

> No, not much more, really. If it's many many lines in the entrails of
> source of the Perl beast, that's tragic not heroic. I confess: I take
> at "Interface Value"... to the extent that I take anything at
> value"... which is of course taking things at "interface value" since
> the most part I restrain myself from taking things apart for the sheer
> mediaeval joy of doing so. I therefore wish to state that although its
> behavior is complex, in actuality and for the most part my fiend Perl
> well-behaved and exhibits very little personality. (For anybody who's
> confused, that's a Good Thing.)

Horoscope: You will joyfully disembowel the indistinct, infernal being
that is Perl when you let go your inhibitions. 

Now _that_ would be heroic.

(Hey! For those that don't get it [or that would even care what I'm
blathering about], I am just trying to inject some humor into what's
become a rather heavy discussion. No offense is intended toward anyone.
Except maybe myself for shooting my mouth off. Fred's excited posting
made an easy target. We all tend to get excited in the weeks before
YAPC::NA and TPC, right?)

And for those wondering what the hell FSQOW might possibly mean,
acronymfinder.com doesn't know what it is and only *one* single hit is
returned by Google:


It's a PHP Hangman game in progress. We only have three wrong guesses
left, the letters F, S, Q, O, and W have already been used and we are

  _ _ _ _ _ _ S _   _ O _ _ _ _ _ _ O _ 

If anyone can solve it, please submit the solution to acronymfinder.com:


Thank you.

Andrew B. Sweger -- The great thing about multitasking is that several
                                things can go wrong at once.

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